Creditor’s Rights and Debt Recovery in Ohio

Not limited to a few Ohio counties

As you learn more about our practice areas, you’ll notice our approach – especially in regards to creditor’s rights and debt recovery in Ohio – is unique from other law firms. We work closely with debtors to collect money. When we say “closely”, we mean our approach is to work together to develop a resolution – not to act as a collection agency.

We have many years of experience in the area of creditor’s right and debt recovery working specifically with the state of Ohio. We also work closely with companies and organizations to collect debts owed to them from their customers. In fact, our attorneys work with clients across all 88 counties in the state of Ohio.

Debt collection attorneys in Ohio with real experience and real success

It’s not unusual for other law firms to only work in particular counties, or to only work with the state of Ohio and not individual companies. Take a look at more reasons to consider Andy Bowers & Associates for creditor’s rights and debt recovery:

  • The gross number of dollars recovered for our clients is <insert number here>.
  • We have one of the highest rates of recovery in the industry.
  • Our creditor’s rights and debt recovery attorneys not only work with the state of Ohio, but also work with organizations and businesses of all sizes and industries.
  • The debt recovery attorneys at Andy Bowers & Associates have made recoveries at a much higher percentage than any other law firms in the state.

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If you are overwhelmed or intimidated by the legal process, you’ve come to the right place. Our creditor’s rights and debt recovery attorneys are here to help. We make an effort to streamline the legal process and provide as much information to our clients as possible.